Solar Torches

R99.00 for 1
R89.00 each for 5 or more

The small sun stove can boil 1 litre of water in 15 to 20 minutes, whereas the large stove can boil 1 litre of water in 10 to 15 minutes. For some people its more convenient to have a smaller sun stove because it is smaller and lighter, but others prefer a large sunstove because it is hotter, and cooks faster.

Solar Torch

The solar torch can be charged in the sum and will take about 6 hours of direct sunlight to fully charge it. It will shine for about 8 hours and has 2 brightness settings. It has a powerful light and can shine to about 200 meters away. Great for reading, studying, walking and keeping in the car for emergencies.

Great for Power outages

This product is great value and we also have a bulk price for resellers. Please phone for big bulk price.

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