12V 102AH Gel Battery(Out of stock)

R 1899,00

Totally maintenance free

  • Superior deep cycle life when compared to AGM
  • Air transportable
  • Spill proof/leak proof
  • Minimal corrosion thus physically compatible with sensitive electronic equipment
  • Installs upright or on side
  • Very low to no gassing (unless overcharged)
  • Superior shelf life when compared to Wet Cell
  • No recharge current limitation @ 13.8 volts
  • Rugged and vibration-resistant
  • Very safe at sea with no chlorine gas in bilge (due to sulfuric acid and salt water mixing)
  • Most versatile: Starting. Deep Cycle, Stationary
  • Lowest cost-per-month (cost / months of life)
  • Lowest cost-per-cycle (cost / life cycles)

Battery dimensions: 330(L) x 170(W) x 220(H)

Mass: 24.7Kg

Packed dimensions: 335(L) x 185(W) x 265(H)

Mass: 25.3Kg