Solar borehole pump (DC Solar deep well pump) 30/40m head

R 5999,00

Solar borehole pump (DC Solar deep well pump) 30/40m head

Model: 3fld3.2-40-48-400

Rated/Max flow: 1/3.2 m³/h

Rated/Max head: 30/40M

Pump voltage: DC 48V

Pump power: 400W

Solar panel Vmp range: 42-100V

Solar panel power: 600

Pump Dia: 3 inch

Outlet Dia: 1 inch

Pump height: 520

Solar panel suggestion: 2 pcs 200W voc44V in series

Advantages of solar pump:

1. Intelligent water shortage protection

2. MPPT function, the solar power utilization rate is higher

3. Automatic charging function for batteries

4. LED Displays the power, voltage, current, speed and working condition.

5. Automatic start and stop working

6. Water proof and leak-proof: double seal effect

7. Excellent thermo stability: withstand 850C high temperature

8. Soft start: no impulse current protects the pump motor

9. High voltage/low voltage protection and over current/over-load protection

10. It come with a foot valve

 Solar panal connection