Solar Geysers 200L (High Pressure)

Great for the urban market which runs off the municipal water system (400/500 KPa)

R 12000,00

save 50
excludes installationNormally 50% of your electricity bill is for heating water in a standard electric geyser, so you can reduce the electricity bill by up to 50%, just by installing a Solar Geyser, which uses the sun to heat the water.

Our geysers are super insulated and our 200L Solar Geyser (high pressure) has 24 vacuum tubes. This will save between 50% of your electricity bill and there are several reasons why a high pressure geyser is going to be the perfect choice for you. It keeps the pressure the water pressure strong, you’ll be boiling water free for years to come, no pumps involved and virtually no maintenance. Thanks to gravity, cold water goes down to the vaccum tubes, while the hot water moves up to the tank