Solar Lamp

This LED Lantern is an excellent choice for campers' lighting because it is durable in use, beautiful in design and light in weight. Besides being easy and convenient to use, it actually turns sunshine into 'electricity', and saves you a great deal of money. This product can be used for all kinds of indoor and outdoor activities. This lantern is perfect for those who have no electricity at home, or if one needs to light up the outdoor area for guests.

R 299,00


R299.00 for 1
R229.00 each for 5 or more

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The unique design lets you turn the product into a reading light, a ceiling light or a portable light - depending on what you need. It takes 8-10 hours of good sunlight to charge the batteries full. The light will last from 8 hours (very bright light), 20 hours (bright light), 40 hours (medium light) and up to 72 hours (night light). It´s like the Swiss Army Knife of solar lamps!


  • Multifunctional Solar Lantern Charging by Solar.
  • Extra strong ABS plastic for rugged outdoor use.
  • 1 Watt Super Bright LED for high power light.
  • Built-in High Capacity 3200Mah SLA battery.


By Solar Panel - Flexible Selection of Light Output Depending on Usage Required:

SettingsWorking hours on full Batttery
Night Light 72 Hours
Bright 40 Hours
Brighter 20 Hours
Brightest 8 Hours