Solar Home Systems 80 Watt

Using a panel, battery, inverter and a charge controller, you can power your lights, a small radio / CD player, or charge a cellphone. The solar panel, which is fitted on to your roof attracts sun rays and converts it into electricity which then goes to the battery which stores power for the night time, or when there is no sun.

R 3178,00

R3178.00 (80 Watt)

How the Solar Home Systems work

From the battery the energy goes to the inverter where electricity is converted from DC (battery power) to AC (normal electricity) so that you can plug in your appliances. The more panels you buy the faster it will charge the battery during the day and you can power more appliances. The bigger the inverter you buy, the bigger the appliance you can power. (i.e If you have a 300 watt inverter, an appliance bigger than 300 watts will not work). The more batteries you buy, the longer it will last during the night. Everything is connected by the charge controller. The charge controller is put there to ensure that the battery is not over-charged and doesn’t get damaged. It also prevents power loss from the battery at night.