Solar Kettle

The Solar Kettle will boil 500ml of water in about 60min, in full sunlight. Just put the water in close the lid, and open the wings and put it down facing the sun. Great for boiling water for coffee, tea etc. One can also use the Solar Kettle for purifying dam or river water. Dimensions: 11cm Length, 11cm Width , 42cm Height , 0.2Kg

R 499,00

R499.00 for 1
R399.00 each for 5 or more

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Solar Kettle Features

  • The Solar Kettle is great for camping, beach and only weighs 1kg so can be taken with on hikes.
  • The Solar Kettle will cook water for 2 cups of coffee, and with the lid on also acts as a thermos flask and will keep water hot for many hours.

Other Uses

The Solar Kettle can also be used for grilling boerewors and chicken legs, by just dropping the wors or chicken legs into the tube, closing the lid lightly so steam can escape, and facing it towards the sun. In about 1 hour your wors or chicken will be ready to eat. No fire, no pollution, no danger of veld fires.The Solar Kettle also comes with a brush to clean the tube once finished cooking.


Make sure the tube is not hot when putting in cold meat or water as the tube will burst. Make sure the meat is not frozen and is at room temperature. Also when cooking meat, make sure the lid is slightly open so that steam can escape.

Units in box: 1