Sun Cooker

Solar ovens are designed to cook food by using sunlight and reflective materials to generate heat. The infrared and ultraviolet light waves produced by sunlight carry a lot of heat, and if continually trapped in a small space they can raise of the temperature of the air so high that it can cook meat, vegetables, bread, and other types of food. Solar ovens have been proven to be safe and effective under the proper conditions, and recent years have seen the development of more advanced ovens which cook more easily while still using only heat from the sun.

R 100,00

R100.00 for 1
R70.00 each for 5 or more

Best times to cook

  • Winter - From 10 am until 2pm
  • Summer From 9am until 3pm
  • Stronger sun cooks food faster

Slow Cooking

Slow cooking keeps nutrients in and produces healthier food. This method of cooking only uses the sun - no matches or fires; it is safe for children as there is no threat of fires, and no toxic fumes. Cheaper because there is no fuel costs.

Cooking Instructions


Use black pot or paint pot black on the outside, lid and sides. Don’t fill pot more than 2/3 full with food.


01 05

Put pot on top of 2 sticks or 3 stones covering with see-through plastic bag.


01 03

Assemble the Cooker and place pot inside as per diagram.


01 04

During cooking adjust the cooker to face the sun every 30 mins.



Wear Sunglasses and Oven Gloves for Protection!